24th day in E-Commerce

24th day in E-Commerce
In the mids of Mediterranean Sea!
5th day no regular internet connection- All I can do is to post a blog. Check my Gmail and FB ads. My data is limited to 100MB for 15$.
Hoping to get my first sale thru my Ads. Thank goodness! Kit is always there to post on my behalf thru messenger, at least daily!
Sending my store URL's directly to my friends although I know and they won't buy aything! some of them don't even bother liking it! but I keep on posting to them, It is cheaper anyway.

The first customer who will buy in my store will be the luckiest! The first person outside my circle who undoubtably bought to a new and developing online store will be a remarkable thing that will happen to me and my store,It is an achievement! He or she will be giving me the courage to push through this new venture that I get into. Who might be that person? I don't know yet but soon there will.

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