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My Shop at 4 Months and before BFCM

My Online Shop Before BFCM

Imagine having an online shop to manage while in the middle of the Black sea and Mediterranean sea?  It's been 4 months since I started Online Gmall and here's the latest update. I had 11 sales, 1 from the US, 3 are from Canada, 1 from Honduras ( Unfortunately automatically cancelled by Paypal) and 6 from the Philippines (From family and colleagues).

In Canada, I sold 1 Genuine leather Bag for Men (18 days) , 1 Leather belt (28 days) and 1 Car air purifier (29 days). All items delivered in less 30 days. In the US, thru e-packet it took only 15 days to deliver the Iphone7 360 protection case.

The order from Honduras was a lesson learnt for me as a new online seller. The order was paid thru Paypal E-check and it did not synchronized automatically. I should seek advise earlier to shopify help and or from fellow online seller. My mistake? I waited for the notification of confirmation of payment from Paypal but instead I received an automatic payment cancellation.(10 days since the order was placed).

The transaction couldn't be completed and fulfilled. "I missed the sale but I learned something from that sale". The products ordered from the Philippines were 2 Solar LED lights, 1 Car DVR Camera Full HD, 1 Iphone 6 Cover, 1 Survival tool, 1 Wooden Sunglass and the 1 Men's Shoulder Bag made of Genuine Leather.

It's proven that for orders in the Philippines, all items with a value below 10,000 peso are tax free plus the benefit of free shipping offered by our shop. It takes 28 days to deliver the products. It is also depend on the Country's local customs notification due process.

Now that BFCM is near, I wish to take part of it, but due to the nature of my present job as a sailor, I can't compete with the other online shops. I created some BFCM deals. One is the scheduled shopping time with discounts from 15 to 25% OFF.

Every Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and up to the Weekend. I created each day a unique deals and discounts to selected collections, to specific products and for all the entire products.

Check our site blog posts for more details. Codes are there and as much as we can, it will continue to run and rollover even after the BFCM celebration is over.

As a new and developing online shop, Customer's trust is our primary concerned. We strive to deliver our customers our best services. Share our ideas, our thoughts and our experiences. Help us improve, We asked you to leave us a feedback and comment in every blog posts you may read.

Share your contact numbers if you are interested to receive our latest products updates. Share your thoughts for any product of interest that our shop should have. Share to your friends our Online Gmall shop's website at www.allforoneclickshop.com. "Where online shopping is now and the future".

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