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Online Gmall after 5

The Online GMall 5th month of existence.

It's been almost 5 months since Online GMall shop has been launched. Not much of sales generated but the objective to deliver its services to clients were proven.

Shopify platform did well with its promised support for my online shop.

Online Gmall tried email marketing through Kit, FB ads, Google Adwords, Instagram hashtags, Online Shop free Ads apps and Twitter.

Some worked well some didn't. It's all but test, pause, analyzed and test again. Some notable mistakes came along the way.

As a beginner It was a lesson learnt. I just need to find a way how to reach the right people to drive traffic and show them what we've got!

Leather products are doing well. Online GMall will continue to feature it on its Homepage. Shoulder bag, brown belt made of genuine leather were the best sellers during the first four months.

The Car Gadgets collections did well too, It sold DVR cameras.

Being a sailor doing this business at the same time is a challenge. In the middle of the sea, updates and monitoring is impossible. But the journey will go on.

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