Why Online Store?

Why Online Store?

8 years ago, I was selling via online for second hand products items but still in good condition. After typhoon "Ondoy" hit the Philippines on Oct 2009. My Piano , Keyboard was a mess after the flood. Unfortunately, I wasn't with my Family when it was happened.When I got home a lot of junks that should be dispose! How to start disposing them?

I sold it all online! Whenever I change my car tires and mags, from Acetylene and oxygen bottles to old baby Crib and Stroller. I changed our room air conditioner to Inverter type that was a proper and most productive disposals i ever made!

I dis everything, I deliver and even do the installs but limited only to car gadgets. I sold 4 pieces of Head up Display or I call it Windshield Display. When every deal is closed, we meet, install, test and get paid. I bought items from online store (not to mention the website) and resell it online (Another Website). There is one thing, why should they buy from me while they can buy online too? Online buying through internet still difficult to others because they want to see what they buy first and they need to get a credit card especially if online store does not have COD payment system.

Until Dropshipping came into my interest, like direct selling businesses, Competition is always a big factor. Others can't even survived or get to the distance.

"I better spend 50$ developing my store than to spend all with FB posting, scrolling, liking and sharing or browsing products I like to buy".

If I sold second hand items in the past, I could certainly sell quality standard product too and the time comes. After a month I made 5 sales order! Besides, it will not even cost me to build an Empire, a Mall or buying a franchise, not even renting a warehouse, Just tried creating my first Shopify online shop. That's it I am in! I consider it as learning E-commerce. A no time frame studies as long as I am learning I have my business to improve. My monthly subscription is my tuition fee.I'm doing it as part time business, I may sell product or no i am not in a hurry, there is always time for everything. I want to built a knowledge foundation that I am into. The competition it tough! I want to move and go straight ahead with focus and faith. It's all I need to become victorious (in my dreams)..

So what's waiting for me? In a month my store traffic is rated top 6% since launched.By the way what is that mean?...

Online GMall

From the sea to the road up to my home. it is all about Online Gmall..

The Ultimate goal is to stay home soonest and this will be the way and the only way..For now.

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