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Car OBD2 Diagnostic Tool

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OBD2 Scan Tool

Modern cars are build with more electronic functions monitored by electronic sensors, These sensors are connected to Engine ECU or Electronic Control Units.

Manufacturers stored Trouble Codes to computer system allowing OBD2 diagnostic tools to identify possible trouble in your engine. With reliable diagnostic tools on hand. You can analyzed and diagnose your car anytime and pinpoint pre stored codes and fix possible defects by your self.

We have professional diagnostic tools and deliver it locally at a very limited stocks only. As one of the most reliable OBD2 diagnostic tool so far. Every car owner will be impress by the capability of the diagnostic scanner to do the trouble shoot.

OBD2 Diagnostic Tool Functions

  • DTC reader
  • Automotive scanner
  • Original Autel Diagnostic Tools
  • Car Data Trouble Code Analyzer

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